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Commonly stated because the such a lot authoritative Victorian learn of historical Greece, George Grote's twelve-volume paintings, started in 1846, validated the view of Greek heritage which nonetheless prevails in textbooks and renowned money owed of the traditional global this day. Grote employs direct and transparent language to take the reader from the earliest instances of mythical Greece to the demise of Alexander and his iteration, drawing upon epic poetry and legend, and reading the expansion and decline of the Athenian democracy. The paintings explains Greek political constitutions and philosophy, and interwoven all through are the $64000 yet outlying adventures of the Sicilian and Italian Greeks. quantity 2 keeps with the mythical age of the Greeks, paying precise recognition to the Iliad and Odyssey, and starts off the tale of ancient Greece, atmosphere the geographical and chronological coordinates and introducing the reader to the area of the Peloponnesus.

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X. p. 463. Strabo, viii. p. 358 ; Pausan. v. 4 , 1 . One of the six towns in Triphylia mentioned by Herodotus is called "En-eioy (Herodot. iv. 149). 3 Herodot. viii. 7 3 ; Pausan. v. 1, 2. Hecatseus affirmed that the Epeians were completely alien to the Eleians ; Strabo does not seem to have been able to satisfy himself either of the affirmative or negative (Hecatoeus, Fr. 348, ed. Dindorf; Strabo, viii. p. 341). 3 H HISTORY OF GREECE. [PART L consideration of this sacred function, which subsequently ripened into the celebration of the great Olympic games, their territory was solemnly pronounced to be inviolable.

Pp. 682-686. 10 HISTORY OF GREECE. [PART I. other le- other narrative, which seems to have found favour f with the historical Achseans on the north coast of Peloponnesus, Tisamenus, though expelled by the i n v a ( j e r s from n i s kingdom of Sparta or Argos, was not slain; he was allowed to retire under agreement, together with a certain portion of his subjects, and he directed his steps towards the coast of Peloponnesus south of the Corinthian Gulf, then occupied by the Ionians. As there were relations, not only of friendship but of kindred origin, between Ionians and Achseans (the eponymous heroes Ion and Achseus pass for brothers, both sons of Xuthus), Tisamenus solicited from the Ionians admission for himself and his fellow-fugitives into their territory.

P. 393. Ephorus derives the term 'Airarovpia from the words signifying a trick with reference to the boundaries, and assumes the name of this great Ionic festival to have been derived from the stratagem of Melanthus, described in Con6n (Narrat. 39) and Polysnus (i. 19). The 32 HISTORY OJ GREECE. C P A R T *• They are Melanthus and his son Codrus reigned for nearly by ale Ne- sixty years, during which time large bodies of fugitives ljf > escaping from the recent invaders throughout Greece, were harboured by the Athenians : so that Attica became populous enough to excite the alarm and jealousyof thePeloponnesianDorians.

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