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Как правило, для тушения пожаров с воздуха в мировой практике используются переоборудованные бомбардировщики или транспортные самолеты. Однако, канадские инженеры решили создать специальный пожарный самолет, способный взлетать и садиться на землю и воду, действовать днем и ночью, в том числе и в сложных климатических условиях.

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1997). Abnormalities in cell signaling pathways have become one of the most recent targets to explain the behavior of sPNETs. The Ras ‘superfamily’ of signaling pathways has generated particular attention. This family of small GTPases is well known to control many different components of cell proliferation. The Rho protein family within the Ras superfamily have been of particular interest. These proteins are responsible for a variety of cellular processes, including, proliferation, motility, morphogenesis, vesicle movements and gene expression.

Loss of DLC-1 gene expression has been reported in many different types of human cancers, including breast, cervical, gastric and liver carcinomas among others (Durkin et al. 2007). Most recently a study was done to learn more about the role of DLC-1, which is located on chromosome 8p22, and its role in the development of PNETs (Pang et al. 2005). The results concluded that transcriptional silencing of 17 DLC-1 through promoter hypermethylation is responsible for tumor formation in a subset of sPNETs.

I. fr Keywords Brain tumor · Medulloblastoma · Hematopoietic neoplasms · Li-Fraumeni syndrome · Turcot’s syndrome · Ependymoma Introduction Considering that principles of epidemiology began to form in the second half of the 20th century, it is a relatively new scientific approach to health problems. Nevertheless, the oldest population-based tumor registry in the world started in Connecticut as early as 1941 with a retrospective registration from 1935, followed by the Danish Cancer Registry in 1942.

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